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Newgrounds is pretty awesome.

Posted by arferguson - January 30th, 2021

As you all may or may not know, I joined here very recently due to seeing the pixel day celebration talks on Twitter. It had been years since I visited Newgrounds, but I'm really loving the community thus far. Everyone is super positive and the feedback I've gotten on my artwork so far has been amazing. There aren't many places left on the internet like this - galleries and communities that aren't social media focused. It's a real breath of fresh air in many regards.

I used to visit here back in 2008-2009 watching Mario flash videos (actually one of the things that inspired my pixel art interest) but fell off not too long after that. Coming back to post artwork here has been super enjoyable thus far, and I hope to continue getting to know more of you in the community here.

I'm a bit new to these news posts but I'm assuming I could use them to post some WIP images I'm working on for insight and feedback? And for just generally rambling / discussing things?

Either way, like the title says. Newgrounds is pretty awesome, but I'm sure that isn't news to any of you!

P.S. I also have a Discord art server where we chat about artwork, work on improving, and just generally hangout if anyone would want to join that - would help with getting to know some of you even better.

Link here: https://discord.gg/FnCh2YBQNY


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Newgrounds really has that draw for people. It's evolved a lot and it's a great community to be a part of. Always happy to see people rediscovering it. Glad to have you here, your art is amazing!

Thanks so much! It definitely does seem like a great community, and rediscovering it has been quite nice.

I don't know who you are but you're pretty awesome

i love your dark souls art, welcome to the site!


Good to hear, I'm surprised I hadn't seen your stuff before on Twitter or something, but I'm loving everything you put out!

You can find my Twitter at https://twitter.com/adamfergusonart if you're interested! Thank you!

welcome to le newgrounds!


Been loving all your art this week! And yes, the blogs are a decent place to share WIPs.

The Art Portal also has an "Include in Art Portal" checkbox that you can uncheck for WIPs, at which point your art will only show up in your personal gallery and the feeds of people who follow you. It's a kinda weird feature and you might not want the WIPs in your personal gallery, so blog could still be ideal.

Woah, thanks a ton Tom, means a lot coming from you! I will definitely try and keep that it mind, it would certainly be nice to submit some WIPs and sketches, especially if people are interested in that sort of thing.

Welcome to the community, I'm glad you enjoy it here!

Oh hey Dio! Nice to see you here!

Welcome to the community, dude. I've been on here since about 2001 or so. Very early when the website was basically fresh out of the oven, but it took several years before I decided to make an account.

Glad I did and have been on here since.

NG is special. There's a certain 'No, it's good. Don't fuck with it.' mentality and creed that Tom Fulp upholds. No corps getting their grubby shitfingers on this pile. As a result it made the ecosystem a little smaller in the beginning... But I think the world is starting to recognize what NG actually is and the type of organically grown community it leans towards fostering over the forced and blaise bloat that others offer. It's not about the upvotes. It's not even about the scores. It's something else altogether.

There's a video about Newgrounds by Kaptain kristian that I honestly invite anyone to watch that oh-so succinctly explains its significant impact for both creators and support roles in the industry.

I hope you enjoy the shits and giggles and weird oddities you stumble across.

Wow, yeah that's a long time that you've been here, I'm sure you've seen tons of changes and people come and go. I was a big-time forum member starting in 2006 and I really miss these types of communities where people's interactions are actually heard and seen, everything moves way too quick on social media.

Either way, thanks for the welcome and I appreciate the advice and comments a ton!

For WIP images for insight and feedback and for just generally rambling / discussing things sounds like a good use for 'em indeed. :) Some artists have their own threads in the art forum they use as a continual WIP showcase of sorts, but not sure if they get a lot of views or no there.

Glad you found your way back here! Definitely still feels like a bit of a hidden gem in the social media realm. It IS social media after all, just very differently tone. Maybe just not too big yet. Still a human element over all, and so many awesome people gathered in the one place.